Thursday, October 14, 2010

Witless Dictionary #24--The Fraction Point

Continuing our seemingly never-ending attempt to add to the lexicon of comics criticism!

Fraction Point--The point in which a reader is finally so appalled by a creator's work wherein, if they came late to that creator's oeuvre and missed whatever they made their name on in the first place, that they will not, under any circumstances check it out ever because they cannot conceive that the person in question was ever any good, nor do they want to speculate as to why he or she sucks so bad now.

Or if he wrote Invincible Iron Man #29, new record holder for Worst Comic Book I Have Ever Read Ever.

Can also apply to the nexus of annoyance with a creator's public persona (see Ellis, Warren) or they just say really stupid things that beggar understanding and for the sake of the integrity of one's sanity all contact with said imbecile must be broken and walled off lest they make you crazy/stupid as well.

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