Thursday, January 5, 2012

Democracy In Action Thwarted By My Undemocratic Inaction!

Well, being that it's 2012 already and I totally sat this one out, I figure I should bring it back one more time to see what y'all think I should cover for this year. For those of you (OK, all of you, myself included) if you wanna see it in more detail, here's the link to the original post, explaining all about the candidates in detail.

And here's out current standings as we left them half a year ago.:

BABYLON 5--zero votes
CRUSADE--1 vote
MAD MEN (Seasons 1-3)--zero votes
DEADWOOD--zero votes
COWBOY BEBOP--2 votes.

We'll try one more time to see about getting some votes together! I really am sorry about dropping the ball like this, y'know.

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