Sunday, October 11, 2009

MAN TRUE--Dominated Mind

Just a quick hit to point you to this article courtesy of Cracked (who sucked as a Mad magazine ripoff but do an amazing job as a site primarily about lists) 5 Superheroes Rendered Ridiculous By Gritty Reboots.

Here's a little taste:

"Now, there's nothing wrong with dark and gritty superhero stories, we love The Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen. But when you take the humor and heart away from Spider-Man and stick him in a terrifyingly grim future that finds him heartbroken, you take away everything that attracted Spider-Man readers in the first place. And, sure, guilt has been a hallmark in the Spider-Man comics forever, but when you have a comic where Parker accidentally fucks Mary Jane to death, you've officially crossed the line. At some point, you're straight up torturing Peter Parker. No one wants to watch a bitter, depressed old Spider-Man humorlessly fight bad guys in a perpetual state of mourning. If Spider-Man fans wanted to read The Punisher, then they would read The Punisher."

The Iron Man bit alone makes it worth reading, but oh lord it may not even be the most embarrassing one of the bunch. Well worth a read.


Diana Kingston-Gabai said...

I absolutely adore Cracked in its web incarnation: Swaim, Wong and Gladstone never fail to make me smile. :)

Kazekage said...

Some days it's all that gets me through work! :)