Monday, January 31, 2011

Just Sayin'--On The Occasion Of A Man Being Denied A Bank Loan.

Man, when even Marvel can't pretend this death is in any way shape or form permanent, we're just not even fucking trying, really, are we?

PS: Jonathan Hickman is "this generation's Alan Moore?" Gah, I shudder to think about the loli porn-fic and the fishman-rape stories to come, really.

PPS: I also enjoyed the circumlocutions people went through to say "Yeah, even though this is a polybagged death issue, this is better than when they abused this bullshit in the 1990s blah blah blah Liefeld Wizard."

This folks, is why my pull list is down to one. And that book is late.


Diana Kingston-Gabai said...

If Jonathan Hickman is this generation's Alan Moore, who's this generation's Howard Mackie? :)

Kazekage said...

Who isn't? ;)