Tuesday, July 26, 2011

And now, a sad announcement

It is with great . . .well, not sadness, but embarrassment that I have to announce that the somewhat beloved feature "Didjutal Comiks" is going on hiatus for the foreseeable future, because Itunes crashed whilst updating my iPad driver and, well . . .I had to roll it back to its starting point and I got a tantalizing glimpse of all the digital Iron Man issues I had for a split second, and then--poof!--gone.

That's just been my luck this week, it seems. It's a really labour-intensive process to get them back on the computer, and I really don't have the time to do it right now, so the best thing that I can see to do is to put it on hold and come up with something else.

Hopefully I can come up with another feature to replace it.


Diana Kingston-Gabai said...

You know, much as I'm the sort to embrace new technologies, I've never trusted iPods/Pads/Tunes - it's far too easy for material to just disappear like that.

In the meantime... anything good on TV at the moment? ;)

Kazekage said...

It is is my hands, it seems. :) I like my iPad well enough, and it does what I want it to typically with great aplomb. It's just when I hook it up to my computer that things seem to go gobsmackingly awry. :)

Apart from Breaking Bad? nahh, not much going on there. :)

Diana Kingston-Gabai said...

Perhaps you'd care to share your thoughts on the recently aired premiere of the "Thundercats" remake? :)

Kazekage said...

Short answer? Given that the original was just a cool intro with nothing else of substance behind it, if this had been simply competent, it would have succeeded.

Mercifully, it's more than that, as the people behind the new show seem more interested in exploring the weird-ass gumbo of influences that characterised the original and seem to be willing to find some natural connections therein that holds the thing together in a pleasing shape.

Why can't all re-imaginings work like this?