Thursday, July 21, 2011

Just Sayin--Fun With Cognitive Dissonance

Courtesy of the fine folks at Robot 6:

"In comic books, it’s all about story. People don’t come to a Spider-Man comic book to see Spider-Man punch the Green Goblin — they go to see the journey that brought him there.”"

-Axel Alonso, EIC of Marvel Comics.

Uhm, no. I think they kind of do buy a Spider-Man comic to see him punch the Green Goblin. Or would, if such was available to them.


Diana Kingston-Gabai said...

I think it's more that he's creating a division where none should exist: Spider-Man punching the Green Goblin is part of the narrative, and a rather necessary one (ie: the underdog hero finally pulls himself together and wins the day). Alonso's using this example to justify the "endless middle" we're getting now, but in reality the journey is only important if it's actually going somewhere, isn't it?

Kazekage said...

Exactly. The thing is, I think if you asked a person on the street as opposed to two comics anoraks like us, they would probably say "Yeah, he punches the Green Goblin." Trying to focus on a long, torturous journey to get to that point leads to stuff like Superman walking across America--aimlessness in the service of pointlessness.