Thursday, October 27, 2011

Just Sayin'--The Times I Come Closest To Giving Up

Everything about the existence of the linked article I find grossly, oppressively, terribly, depressing.

Yes, that includes the bloody comments, too.

Seriously--can't we just divorce the politics from the book for one second and just admit that Miller is way past his shelf life and Holy Terror was just total shit? Can we go ahead and do that?

Besides, which--my favourite comment about Miller of all time was some wag on a discussion board who said "[Miller] always wanted to see giant Nazi stues fucking each other." That was it for me in regards to the notion of Miller being a Serious Artist Worthy of Consideration, now I'm just waiting for everyone else to catch up.

He's a clown now, guys. Just a clown. All-Star Batman and Robin and the Spirit should have taught us this by now, so why are we still talking about this in two thousand god damned eleven?

I leave you with this nugget of wisdom: Consider that Rob Liefeld, on balance, carries himself with more dignity than Frank Miller. Rob Motherfucking Liefeld. Think about that for a second and consider the chill that rushes through your bones as you contemplate something so improbable and how it tampers with the fulcrum of your world and everything you thought you could depend on.

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