Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Just Sayin': Master Plan?

 So I stumbled upon this think piece today that suggests that DC's utterly slipshod, occasionally horrible, and generally ropey new 52 is actually a willful act of temporary self-sabotage so they can shed their audience of die-hard fans who've been with DC for years and chase after a younger, sexier, more sociopathic demographic.

 I don't buy a word of it. While I agree that DC Comics urgently needs an audience other than myself, There are several points where it falls apart for me:

 1. DC Comics has never shown an ability to plan anything comprehensively, not even a lunch order to the Chinese place down the street.

 2. Intentionally sabotaging yourself in halfhearted pursuit of rewards to be determined at a later date is stupid.

 3. If you get rid of all the die-hards who are positively obsessed with the minutiae of DC continuity and yet still seem to hate-buy all the books, are you going to put a bullet in Geoff Johns' head just to show you're serious? Because you're not exactly innocent from exploiting this particular obsession when it's convenient for you to do so guys, and by giving him the keys to the caddy, it's something you institutionalized.

 4. What the hell kinda way is that to motivate someone, Coach Lombardi? "Now get out there and SUCK!"

 5. There are two tracks of logic I follow on this, and both of them are horrible. Either DC Comics is conducting a long, epic, troll of the last remnants of comic fans, or this is really the best they can do.


C. Elam said...

The only way this theory would make sense would be if the REAL brains in charge at DC was the ghost of Flyin' Brian Pillman.

Kazekage said...

That would be the best payoff to a master plan ever.

Though Pillman is far too much of a loose cannon to ever fully be in charge of anything.