Monday, January 5, 2009


Hey y'all,

What most people don't understand about the creative process is that very little of it usually happens at the computer keyboard. Oftentimes, inspiration strikes in mundane moments like folding the laundry, hanging a clock in your bathroom and slipping and hitting your head on wet porcelain, looking at your toes in the bathtub, watching a bat smash through the window of your study, or discreetly scratching those hard-to-reach places in public--the actual business of typing it all out is just transcribing things you've already worked out in your head.

Funnily enough, this is a story of the one time inspiration actually did hit me at the keyboard. I was doing a raft of responses to the illustrious Diana Kingston-Gabai --whose blog is very worth your time to read, as she's quite a writer of note. I tend every now and again to visit her blog and end up posting long epics about comics and sci-fi and other stuff which inevitably end up busting the comment thread limit, meaning they're these great nightmarish multi-part epic replies and, well, I thought:

1) I should get a life (Most of you will agree with this, I'm certain. The rest I will persuade with subsequent posts)

2) I should open a blog of my own, and thus have an outlet for my blathermouthiness (which is not a word, let us assume that it might be) Mind you, I have a blog already--two, actually--but I wanted one I could show to people that wouldn't be full of rage, vitriol, and so many swears and cusses.

3) If I have a blog, she can return the favour and blow up my comment section for a change.

So, what will be on this blog? I described it to a friend of mine tonight as "The inevitable collision of my arrested adolescence and somewhat squandered higher education," which sums it up. Expect a lot of thought pieces (a post about iconography in comics and movies is planned) most of which will spin out of idle thoughts or discussions with folks I know.

Oh, and I will try to curb my natural inclination to be a frothing, cursing, lunatic in at least one place on the Internet. Because it's nice to have one place like that, but partly because it's the last thing anyone would expect from me.


[Y'know, I never know what to write in these introductory posts . . . ]


Diana Kingston-Gabai said...

Welcome to Blogger, hon. HOPE YOU SURVIVE THE EXPERIENCE. :)

Kazekage said...

. . .how did I know I was going to get BLINDSIDED BY CLAREMONT-ISM, today? ;)

Thanks! While I did ask myself "Is this wise," I answered, "It was necessary," and so there will be no quarter asked . . .and none given. ;)

Diana Kingston-Gabai said...

Just be sure to have the focused totality of your psychic powers ready. :D

Kazekage said...

Will do! After all, ah'm nigh-invulnerable when ah'm blastin!