Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Witless Dictionary #1--Pull-Quote

Because I speak in what could charitably called "code" (or, if you're less charitable, "gibberish") I submit the following feature, designed to give you a leg up on understanding Kazekage's special brand of idiomatic language, the Witless Dictionary--explaining recurring motifs and phrases so I don't make the usual posts even longer.

Because really, no one wants that.

Pull-Quote: Parodying the traditional fawning quotes from critics you see on the back of books or DVD boxes, Kazekage's pull-quotes are inevitably glib, one to two sentence nutshell summation of his opinions, said for a laugh or to start a discussion.

E.G. "As someone who's read every issue of Iron Man from 1963-2006, I can safely say there's only 100-125 issues or so anyone should bother with. Burn the rest for fuel in the wintertime."

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