Thursday, February 5, 2009

Witless Dictionary #12--Johns Bendising

Continuing on because it's the only way to keep warm on a 19-degree February night, we continue to strive, seek, find, and never to yield some terms crisp and accurate to better capture the shapes and forms that make up comics criticism.

Is that enough of an intro?

I think it is.

Johns Bendising--Term used to describe a mindset among editors in chief of major comics companies that if one writer's style is popular with readers, then that writer must either write every new book that is launched or every other writer on the roster must write in the style of that writer.

Here is where I'd put in a link to a short, punchy explanation of what I was talking about, but given that this trend has been going since 2004 and Marvel and DC . . .lord, we'd be here all night.


Diana Kingston-Gabai said...

The scary part? They do this even if a writer's style isn't popular with readers, because Chuck Austen had that whole period where he went from X-Men to Exiles to Avengers to Superman to... was it Justice League? I forget, but there you have it. Not unlike that opening scene of "Fellowship of the Ring" where the dark stain of Mordor spreads across the map of Middle-Earth.

Kazekage said...

Yeah, that was a dark time in history, wasn't it?

God, either Austen worked cheap or he had plenty of incriminating photos of The Powers That Be naked. With donkeys.