Saturday, September 18, 2010

When East Meets West

For your edification and entertainment this weekend, the management would like to submit the following:

First up, when the first X-Men animated series came to Japan, they decided to give it an into more in tune with what the culture was used to seeing. However, as there are some gaps when trying to merge the two cultures, which means said intro raises more questions than it answers:

The fact that the intro song ends with "CRY FOR THE MOON" obviously implies that the X-Men are werewolves. Obviously.

These questions are completely left unanswered or even much explored outside of this blog post, because later on they did the do another intro, which begins with the X-Men foolishly standing around posing on an active volcano. Things get more inexplicable from there . . .I mean, uhm . . .30 years of X-Men history and you feature friggin' Tusk?

But none of these can compare to the sheer psychotronic insanity of this. Yes, you've heard about it, you never believed it possible, but here it is. Spider-Man. In Japan. With a Speed Racer car, a giant robot named after a leopard, and a song that makes you feel like the 70's just left a clog-shaped boot print in your face:

You know, had this been the end result, I woulda been OK with that whole Mephisto thing.

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