Sunday, September 5, 2010

And now, two sites of interest!

Recently came across two blogs which I have found to be exceedingly wonderful resources and well worth your time.

Not Blog X is a catalogue of comic reviews, usually X-Men books, and early Image books, covering the 1990s. It's a great resource and reading author G. Kendall's thoughts on the highlights and lowlights of X-Men through the decade (Man, after Age of Apocalypse, the X-Office's ability to do coherent summer crossovers sure imploded, didn't they?) and I've had quite a lot of fun going over the archives recently.

Meanwhile, over at Remarkable, guest author Jason Powell has a rather prodigious achievement under his belt--he has reviewed every Chris Claremont issue of X-Men, up to and including the various miniseries he did, over the entire 16 year period wherein he worked on the book. When you consider the amount of work that's invloved, it's downright mind-boggling. I don't agree with all of Powell's assertions (I really don't think the whole Shadow King thing was a potentially brilliant arc thwarted by Jim Lee and Bob Harras) and the Claremont as auteur thing occasionally gives him more credit than he deserved, but more often than not, his conclusions will provoke thought and the occasional reconsideration of things, and I heartily agree with his commentators--this should totally be a book.

Both blogs are wonderful places wherein you can lose hours looking at everything (I've been paging through the Claremont one for the past four days now) and both are well worth your time!

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