Saturday, March 6, 2010

I Would Be Remiss . . .

. . .if I didn't post to MightyGodKing's epic and wholly deserved takedown of JUSTICE LEAGUE: GAY FOR JUSTICE (which, yes, apparently finished. I was rather surprised myself. Amazing how when all these supposedly world-changing events get stacked on on top of the other and start getting later and later they get lost in the shuffle) I've excerpted some of it below:

"I mean, I know there are going to be some fanboys who are all “no I want gritty and realistic comics about people in tights who fight crime,” and sure, those have their place I guess, but seriously, this is a comic where they kill off a five-year-old girl for added drama. Who the fuck writes that comic? Who the fuck even thinks that comic is a good idea? How many people at DC must have gotten hit in the head with a sledgehammer to have them all think “gosh, this superhero comic isn’t exciting enough… let’s kill off the cute little girl!” Was it a really fucking big sledgehammer? Because I can literally not think of a single person on the entire planet, who, when asked to tell a story, goes to the “let’s kill a little girl” well. They avoid killing children in slasher movies because they think that it’s tasteless. That’s what Cry for Justice is: it’s the comic book for people who think that slasher flicks aren’t edgy enough."

It's well worth a read.

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