Saturday, July 21, 2012


Yes, well.

 It's got some real story problems, as things happen in the first act because the need to more than because there's logic underlying them, the nods to political issues of the day are a bit eye-rolling and nowhere near as integrated as well as in The Dark Knight, Catwoman shifts alliances in whatever direction is most convenient to move the plot along (and this is a problem, as she's the best character in the movie) the villains are weak, as they're thinly drawn for the sake of a third act shocker, it's a bit too long and slack in the middle and there are a couple twists there at the end too many for the film's own good.

 But on the whole, it's entertaining enough. It's more like Batman Begins than The Dark Knight, with all the problems that involves (there are many McGuffins like Begins' microwave train in this movie) and I didn't have as good a time as I did with The Avengers, nor did I feel like things were raised to a new level as I did with The Dark Knight (which is easily the best of the three) but it was serviceable enough and provided a fitting, if problematic end to things.

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