Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Just Sayin'--Words of Congratulation

Just want to say huge ups to friend of the Prattle Kelly Thompson for not only hitting her initial goal of $8,000 to fund publication of her book, The Girl Who Would Be King, but with 14 hours (at this writing) to go, hit her stretch goal of $25,000, all at her Kickstarter page.

It's great when things come together for you, and it's great when people rally around you and believe in something you've put a lot of work in. When they believe three times as much as you thought they would it has to feel beyond good, and we here at the Prattle salute her and wish her the best.

 I hope partying was/is involved. Lord knows, wins like this should be enjoyed to the hilt. In writing her novel, it seems Ms. Thomspon has also penned a success story.

This is, I should also point out, not our final check-in with the inimitable Ms. Thompson's book, as to commemorate the positing in full of the first book of it over at her blog as of Thursday, I intend to do a full write-up of what I've read so far. Partly because it's a great work full of dozens of layers and metaphors, and commentary on a multitude of subjects while being a cracking good story in the bargain. That it's done with such assurance and a deft hand and this is her first novel is no mean feat in and of itself.

And also because I buried the initial plug under a lot of cussing about the current dreary state of comics and I felt I could do better. So look for that later in the week, and once again--Congratulations, Kelly!

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