Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Just Sayin'--And now, some Shameless Boasting

Like everyone with a Blogger account, the occasional long silences between me writing about stuff, has occasioned me to visit my Stats tab and wonder if there is, in fact, anyone out there.

If you've never been, I encourage you to go, because it will be something of a revelation. Because I have found, without fail, that the two things that draw people like a magnet or things that a magnet might attract are "power girls tits" (no surprise there--I think if ever I want to game the system and up traffic, I'm gonna just start going back and randomly inserting synonyms for boobies into all the old posts) and "Best Dinosaur Comics," referring to this early post I wrote about how awesome Dinosaur Comics is.

This intrigues me on many levels because

1) This means there are a hell of a lot of Dinosaur Comics fans out there

2) They read my blog.

3) Ok, just that one post.

4) But they read it, like, a lot. Every week it's the top hitter, near about.

I would like to think, then, that upon getting a signed copy of the newest Dinosaur Comics collection "Everyone Knows Failure Is Just Success Rounded Down" (which I highly encourage you to buy immediately, if not sooner. It's an awesome book which will make you a better person) that the following was included as gratitude for my service in spreading the word about Dinosaur Comics' awesomeness:

But nahh, it's just coincidence (and money. I think I would now like to be famous enough to where people will pay me to write their name). Still, it was nice to see this pop up in my mailbox. Dinosaurs in funny hats bolstering your self-esteem is a panacea that soothes the soul in ways Bob Seger could never hope to approach.

Just wanted to share and find a way to undercut my own attempt at self-aggrandizement at the same time!

PS: No, there is zero chance that I will ever get anything from Power Girl or anyone connected with Power Girl and then have to diplomatically talk about it in a blog post without saying "tits" the whole time. And you and I are both very happy about that never happening, trust me.


C. Elam said...

If I ever meet a girl named Karen Starr, I am totally having her write you a letter.

That is a pretty rad sketch. I have a list of the things that drive people to my blog with regularity that I keep meaning to go over again. Suffice to say, it's almost always Naomi Morinaga. Which, I can understand that. I even made up a Tumblr to fill this need further.

...Though I have this suspicion that the entry on Pason may eventually reach those same lofty heights. Especially as it is linked on her website.

Kazekage said...

Just to mess with my head, eh? That's not gonna take much . . .

It's pretty cool, isn't it? I have a few signed and personalised books--three from Chris Onstad, one from Ryan North. I'd love to get one from Kate Beaton (especially as I will soon have both collections of "Hark! A Vagrant") here soonish, but Kate Beaton isn't coming anywhere near my little sandbar, obviously. Oh well--maybe someday I'll just send her my book with an SASE or something.

I have no idea why that review is the on everyone comes to . . .no one has ever really said much to me about it. It's . . .odd. I can see why that Power Girl thing, of course, but that one? It is very curious.

I imagine that is pulling in a lot of traffic!