Sunday, November 27, 2011

Just Sayin'--More Delayed New 52 Zaniness

Checking in with some quick thoughts about the latest comics I got in the mail:

JUSTICE LEAGUE #2 and #3--Well, it's a bit less generic than before, but I'm not sure tying the various bits of DC continuity back to the Fourth World is such a great thing--it smacks a bit too much of the Ultimate Marvel continuity, which apparently blamed everything from mutants to the recurrence of gout on the Super-Solider serum.

That said, Wonder Woman wandering around DC with a sword asking if anyone has seen a harpy was a pretty cool bit.

BATWOMAN #3--The pause in my month that refreshes. The thrust of this issue is less the mystery of the Weeping Woman and more the pressure than Chase is exerting with her investigation. While it seemed like it was going to mess things up between Maggie and Kate last issue, the aftermath of Batwoman's first direct conflict with the DEO and the Weeping Woman ends up bringing them close together--that scene between the two of them was rather sweet, and I like the little formalist touch of the panels aligning as Kate changes out of her Batwoman outfit contrasted with Bette changing into her Flamebird suit.

That said . . .Flamebird is problematic, and despite the best efforts of all concerned to make her seem like she belongs in the, book, the whole deal feels like a hangover from the pre-Crisis Batwoman which is stuck on this book like a barnacle because everything that ever happened is important even when it's not, and I like Batwoman so much better when it's not being part of the trends that have all but eradicated my love of comics.

I'm willing to give them time to justify her inclusion, but for now . . .it's not really working for me, apart from giving JH Williams III the opportunity to do an awesome triple-scene final page with Kate and Maggie's scene flowing into the Weeping Woman's appearance and Flamebird going on patrol for the first time.

I'm still on board with this one--even if the story was utter dross, the art is beautiful and has some amazing formal touches to it. Looking forward to the final parts of this story.

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